"The present work is a sample of vocal jazz with intimate accompaniment of piano and percussion, which reflects a deep understanding of the roots of the traditional Colombian music", Jaime Andres Monsalve (Revista Cromos).

“…A perfect record and a risky bet for voice, piano, double bass and ethnic percussion that placed it forever beside the best expressions of vocal jazz in the world." Miguel Camacho (HJCK and Radio señal Colombia).

Singer / songwriter presents her production as soloist entitled “Sueños”. In this album, Urpi Barco gave rein to her voice’s versatility, exploring different genres and instruments. The essence is Colombian, Brazilian spirit and the jazz language. A set of three elements that make a sweet, rhythmic and enchanting project to listen to.

Conventional jazz trio battery is replaced by an ethnic percussion set: cajón peruano, vessels from Nigeria, drums from India, Brazil tambourines and maracas from the savannas of Bolivar. The album was winner of the “Peña de mujeres Vol 6”, awarded by the Fundación Gilberto Alzate Avendaño in Bogota. It has the collaboration of the renowned singer Sofía Ribeiro (Portugal).

With her Quartet, she shared the stage with singer Rosa Passos Brazilian in the international jazz Festival, Medejazz.

In 2013 she was invited to the national Jazz Colombia circuit (Ajazzgo, Medejazz and Pastojazz). The following year she participated in the IV festival International Jazz Villa - Villa de Leyva (Boyacá) and was special guest at the 16th Festival de Jazz Libélula Dorada.

In 2013 was winner of the calls: Jóvenes Talentos Alianza Francesa in the category of jazz, Arteusaquillo and Biblored. Her two singles “Sueño “and” Que bonito tá mi niño " have occupied the second place in the Top 20 of the National Radio of Colombia.

Urpi Barco, Master in musical arts from the District University, is one of the most versatile and active singers in the Colombian musical scene. She has made presentations in Panama, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba, Spain, Balearic Islands and Ecuador.


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