Trío Café Antaño was formed in the year 1997 in Bogotá when three experiences, three illusions and three friends eager to perform "well elaborated music" joined. It has always been and will be their slogan: that being on stage, hundreds of people can delight in their voices and guitars. 

The members are: 

Hugo Francisco Narváez Erazo (Ipiales Nariño), responsible for the lead vocals and electric bass. He was a student of musical arts with emphasis on electric bass in the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.

Freyser Ivan Parra Huertas (Bogota DC), in charge of the second voice, guitar and musical direction. He has a degree in Musical pedagogy of the National Pedagogical University and is a specialist in arts education of the National University of Colombia.

Wilmar Cediel Castañeda Herrera (Manizales, Caldas), who makes the third voice and guitar, requinto. He’s also the music producer and arranger of the group.

The specialty of the trio is the classic bolero, its influences have been the versions of Los Tres Reyes, Caballeros, Ases, Diamantes, Los Panchos, Clásicos Trío and Triángulo Trío.  Thanks to the versatility of its members Café Antaño includes in its repertoire Colombian Andean, Latin American and international music.

They have been frequently invited to participate in numerous events organized by various national institutions; In addition, they have obtained wide recognition in the country’s music scene.

Trio Cafe once offered to those who love string music and romanticism, its musical productions "Malagueña" and "Añoranzas", carried out under the guidance of Maestro Giuseppe Gallo. They are currently preparing what will be their third album.

"Let Café Antaño transport you to the wonderful language of love, of remembrance, of nostalgia, of music… Of life! ... It will be something unforgettable! 



Hugo Francisco Narváez

Lead vocals / Electric bass

Freyser Iván Parra

Back up vocals / Guitar

Wilmar Cediel Castañeda

Backup vocals / Requinto guitar


Freyser Iván Parra (Director)


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+57 3103128194

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