Tan Tan Morgan

Against the mainstream and independent scene as well, Tan Tan Morgan arrives with its cinematic, epic, and irreverent rock, shooting rhythms struggling between the tasty and the dark.

He first joined the band Mmodcats as a composer and singer. The band won at the Shock 2007 Festival of bands. He performed in Exporock 2010 and was chosen as the opening act for The Cure (2013).

Since 2011, the Spanish rock of Tan Tan Morgan is packed with letters very close to the literature and with delirious and cathartic live performances. His first single is entitled "Te maté". (I killed you) 

To explain the particular world of this artist, Tan Tan says: "well... my music is decidedly not inclusive.” It is neither for the ordinary decent citizens nor for the weak... witness our music is like enjoying a cruel joke, like dancing in a nightmare... and is embarking on, happy and ecstatic, battling the ghosts of Colombia and Latin America".


Andrés Felipe Arévalo Ramirez


Javier Humberto Gualteros Cediel

Electric guitar

Sergio David Vesga Caro

Electric guitar

Christian Sebastian Kook Medina

Sequences / Laptop

Jose David Rojas Castiblanco

Bass electric

Pablo Camacho



Pablo Camacho Angulo (Manager)




+57 3176459708

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