Schutmaat Trío

Thirteen years old Alvin discovered a small four channels recorder that her grandmother had saved. Since then recording and sound experimentation became part of their daily lives, situations that eventually evolved to the Schutmaat Trio (shut-mat-trio), a rock band that navigates electronic territories, with influences from trip hop and post rock, keeping the roots of a child in his room making music regardless of anyone's opinion.

Everything changed when Ana, Lucas and Santiago joined the project to create the album "6: 15", which went from the intimacy of four walls to its massive debut in the closure of Rock al parque, 2013, next to Illia Kuryaki and the Valderramas and Bosnian Rainbows in front of over 50,000 thousand spectators, making history in the festival after being the first band to get the first place in the two rounds of the call. Since then, the band has made presence in different spaces and Colombian festivals strengthening its stage proposal.

At the same time, the Schutmaat Trio launched its first single called "You Died in my Future", whose video clip was directed by Cody Weber, a visual artist known on YouTube by being dedicated to documenting his life in a very cinematic way, in the same introspective style characteristic of the band’s music, reason which would lead them to create a strong bond of artistic collaboration.

The band ended the 2013 with a nomination to the Tigo Shock awards in the category of best new artist, a presentation on the Miche Rock Festival in Barranquilla and began 2014 within the Festival Centro lineup.

They’re currently in pre-production for a new album.          



Alvin Schutmaat

Vocals / Guitar / Key boards.

Lucas López


Santiago Izáciga

Guitar / Key boards

Ana González

Bass / Vocals


Alvin Schutmaat (Director)



+57 3168680451

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