Phonoclorica is a new interpretation of the Colombian traditional rythms, blending the knowledge and legacy that lies within this music, with an urban and modern vision, which integrates the forest tone of the drums and its oral traditions with the rock's stridency, the funk’s seduction, the rejoicing of the “raspa”, the force of the reggae and the powerful Cuban timba.  Phonoclorica proposes to represent on stage a convergence point for a diverse audience: women, men, old men, young people, children, rich and poor; also, by means of lyrics that identify with people´s daily life like love, the lack of affection, luck, the drive of living every day and the pain of the violence in our nation. Our message helps us to remind the miracle of being alive in this earth, and all its gifts.

Sharp guitar riffs and acid brasses interweave with the rhythmic mesh of the bass and drums, while the marimba de chonta lulls us with its magical motion of waves. All seconded by the bustle of the cununos, the force of the kick drum and voices chanting to the sound of the currulao-rock, bünde-reggae, porro-timba and many other mixtures which invite to dance and celebrate life. This is how Phonoclorica is positioned in Bogotá as one of the most important fusion groups of these days. With unpublished compositions, the band has managed to consolidate an own, unique and innovative sound during their 3 years of work. 

This way, Phonoclorica’s feel emerges "live", when its distinctive character goes into the public representing the impetuous force of the dance and the more frenetic musical development. 


Alejandro Montaña


Katherine Quiñonez


Diego Alzate


Gabriela Sossa


Ruben Aragón


Sebastian Villanueva

Electric guitar

Daniel Iván Sossa

Electric bass

Leonel Merchán

Lead vocals / Marimba de Chonta


Leonel Alexander Merchán Baquero (Director)



+57 3244711


+57 3016356562

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