The idea of forming the instrumental family of the Colombian Andean Bandola is circulating for some years in Bogota and Colombia, characterized by a series of investigative searches that are finally consolidated in the Musical Arts program of the Superior Academy of Arts of Bogotá (ASAB), today Faculty of Arts of the Francisco José de Caldas District University to which the members of Perendengue are linked. Although there is a significant worldwide background both with the Spanish bandurria, the mandolin and other plectrum instruments, the development of alto bandola and bass bandola models, used in this Quartet, is a local product coming from research processes as well as consultation of specialized literature and design of instruments with the prominent luthier Luis Alberto Paredes Rodriguez. This process led to the construction of prototypes and their ulterior evaluation, which became an important instrumental innovation. 

The decision to work in the format of bandolas quartet is due to the sum of both individual and collective interests, and is the continuation of a vital and academic experience that has managed to insert purposefully interpretation of local instruments as university professional choice and musical approach that opens new directions. Perendengue brings together its members experience as performers, composers, arrangers, and researchers, who focus their teaching and creative activities in the Colombian Andean bandola. All are part of other important and award-winning artistic projects still applicable or currently outside stage, are recognized in the musical and academic environment, and constitute visible heads of the process of continuity and transformation of a rich local tradition of urban popular concert music.Jenny Marcela Alba and Manuel Bernal are currently teachers responsible for the main subject “Main instrument: Colombian Andean Mandolin” in the curriculum project of Musical Arts from the District University, while Oriana Ximena Medina and Andrea Catherine Molano are graduates of that specialty. This artistic, pedagogical and research confluence that occurs in Perendengue, has motivated the use of the same models of instruments in other regions of Colombia as Antioquia and Valle del Cauca, allowing the birth of the Colombian bandolas Orchestra, an art institution of a private nature that brings together more than twenty bandola instrumentalists. In this orquestra, Manuel Bernal is the Assistant director as well as chief of strings for bass and double bass bandolas, Jenny Marcela Alba is the chief of strings for first bandolas, and Oriana Medina is the chief of alto bandolas. 

After two years of evaluating and assembling a repertoire, Perendengue began its artistic life to the public in 2006. Since there is not a specific repertoire for this type of format (with the exception of three works dedicated to Perendengue), the group works with adaptations, arrangements, and versions of both academic as well as music of local musicians from diverse backgrounds, in a proposal of interpretative chamber music, varied and open, full of stylistic contrasts: the repertory as a whole is a selection of works that provide interpretive possibilities in function to consolidate the innovative sound of the quartet of bandolas. 

In November 2011 Perendengue released its first album. In October 2014, in the town of Lunel (France), within the framework of the 11ème Festival Mandolines Lunel and with the Orchestre National de Montpellier Languedoc-Roussillon, they released "Concertante, para Cuarteto de Bandolas y Orquesta ", work by the composer Juan Diego Gómez Correa.


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