Created in Bogotá, Colombia, Monareta has been active since the year 2003, when Andrés Martínez, began to work together with Camilo Sanabria with musical genres such as the break beat and hip-hop in various bars and music festivals in Bogota.

Since school they have been involved in different musical projects. Martínez was a singer and guitarist of the noise and postpunk group Yuri Gagarin (MTM) and Sanabria was keyboardist and programmer of the funk group Zigma (BMG). In addition to being musicians they were BMX champions; Sanabria was exercising as BMX professional athlete while Martinez was improvising with his bicycle on the streets. Both were together to the same Arts department, have shared stages as Rock al Parque (in Bogota), Rock desde el Volcán (in Ecuador) and now they are wrapped in this “afroclash sound” adventure. Its music has a wide status of genres that go from the upbeat of the porros and Colombian cumbia up to the break beat and the electro clash.

Monareta has presented its work in different cities and festivals of music along the American continent and the European. In two occasions they have taken part in the LAMC (Latin Alternative Music Conference) in New York: the edition of August, 2006 and the tenth anniversary during the summer 2009. There have performed in festivals as the CMJ in NY and the SXSW (South by South West Music Conference) in Austin, in the year 2008, 2009 and 2011, getting good reviews. In 2009 Monareta performed for the Museum of the Americas in Denver and toured along Mexico, in July and December respectively. Their first tour of Europe was during 2010 and allowed them to participate in the Antilliaansee Feesten in Hoogstraten (Belgium) and in the Södra Teatern/Bar in Stockholm. That same year they visited other scenarios such as Rock Al Parque, Quitofest and Altavoz, festivals which served the band as platforms to promote their album. In June 2011 they performed successfully in the first edition of the FIM (Feria Internacional de la Música de Guadalajara). On 2012 they participated in important events such as the Carnival of Barranquilla in Colombia, the Festival Vive Latino in the Mexico City (CARP intolerant) and the Generiq Festival (France). During 2014 they took part of the Rock Al Parque Rueda Por Latinoamérica Tour, with concerts in Mexico and Guadalajara.

"La Bonanza", their second album, was released in April 2007 by the label Nacional Records, with whom they already had launched the album’s digital version in 2005. That same year they participated in the soundtrack of the film “La mujer de mi hermano" with the single "Matanza Funk". Between 2009 and 2010, they released "Picotero", an album that featured presentations in the United States, Mexico, Japan and Colombia. 

Several Monareta’s songs have been featured in films such as "Pride and Glory" (Warner Bros.) and in television shows such as "Ugly Betty" and "Chuck" (NBC). Monareta has also made remixes for artists such as Aterciopelados, Mexican Institute of sound, Hip Hop Hoodios, Beastie Boys, the Lebron brothers, Tom Tom Club and Mariachi Bronx, among others. They have had the opportunity to alternate with world-class bands like Fabulosos Cadillacs, Nortec Collective and Aterciopelados. 

Martinez plays the bass, the synthesizers, guitar and vocals; Sanabria plays the bass (subbass), synthesizers and backup vocals. As guest musicians they’ve had the drummer Sergio Medina and bassist Stefano Pizzaia.



Composer / Producer / Guitar / Bass / Synthesizers / Vocals


Composer / Key board / Subbass / Backup vocals


Andrés Martínez (Director)



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