A carnival of drums, songs and dances, based on the black traditions of the Colombian Caribbean region, although with the cosmopolitan flavor of the downtown streets of Bogotá, La Rueda is a group of traditional afro-colombian music with more than ten years of experience in both scenarios, such as parades and street acts.

Frequent Participant in bailes cantaos festivals -especially bullerengue- La Rueda has earned a place between the legitimate bullerengueros coastal groups, those who have welcomed as teachers, friends, and colleagues. In addition to festivals, La Rueda has performed in the most important auditoriums of Bogotá and has donated more than two hundred street presentations to the community of the Park Way, Teusaquillo, where it is possible to find it on Saturday afternoon. 

Its members have studied with the most important cultists of the bailes cantaos, such as: the Pacheco Blanco family from San Juan de Urabá, the Suárez Coha family from Arboletes, Martina Camargo, Nicanor Agudelo and Casildo Gil in San Martín de Loba, Eulalia González from María la Baja, Eloísa Garcés from Necoclí and Eustiquia Amaranto from Turbo, to mention only the most prominent names.

And, while the invaluable teachings of the masters open roads of experience, is the composition of original songs and the interpretation in the context of the great city which gives a particular flavor to the group, linking regions and cultures.

Passionate entrepreneurs of the afro-colombian music, those who are members of La Rueda have also made albums, video-documentaries and educational projects that highlight the value of these traditions and honor their regional cultists.

The wheel is a space of integration and social claim, which erases the border between artists and the public, allows equal relations of participation, positively affects public space through art and highlights the values of women: cantaoras (singers), baladoras (dancers) and tamboleras (drum players). An urban a carnival, a “cachaco” carnival, a “parranda” (party) of drums: that’s La Rueda. 


Daianna Mutis

Vocals / Dance

Lucía Ibañez

Vocals / Dance

Carol Rojas

Vocals / Dance

Alejandra Romero

Vocals / Dance

David Mesa

Percussion / Backup vocals

María José Salgado

Percussion / Backup vocals / Dance

Carolina Urrea

Backup vocals / Dance

Diana Sanmiguel

Vocals / Dance

Janni Benavides

Vocals / Dance

Andrés Rodríguez



Daia Mutis (Director)


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+57 3138648004

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