La Pulpafonic is a power-trio that plays tropical music injected with electronic beats and postmodern “melgareño” sounds to induce the wild dance. The pulp is a virus. A suggestive visual and dramaturgical approach, the pop culture infected with the technological, the pulp is futuristic music for “pool parties”. A powerful cyborg rumba!   

Show "Vampire of the Tropidark": La Pulpa collects dancing sounds and folk elements from several places in Colombia and mixes them with very strange and tropical synthesizer sounds, MIDI controllers, electronic devices and futuristic music. The pulp can be suck, you can hear it, you can bite it and be danced, it alters the senses to infect various pleasures and induce the irrepressible display of parranda.  Futuristic sounds from Melgar, Chinauta and Amsterdam come together in the scene. Suddenly, the sounds burst with flavor of champeta and dub-step, joropo, carranga, cumbia, dancehall, merengue, house, currulao, funk, bambuco and electronic impulses. There’s room In Pulpafonic for all sounds that are likely to be danced to the unrestrained pace of tropidark party. 

Guitar, synthesizer, drums, MIDI controller, voices and alegre drum, played by three musicians on stage, La Pulpa is spilled in dance and lights on the stage, the show is the visual story of an infection that spreads forcing people to party and producing symptoms such as “champetero” chills, digital leprosy and malaria distortion. All praises to the sound of atomic drives, mapping and video projection to help joy become and unrelenting infection.

Digital sounds, bright laser lights, music for pool parties and technological equipment. A pure dance party with transgenic pulp flavor.

In their technological and scenic research experimentation, Pulpafonic has developed as parallel project, devices called "FRUTOIDES": appliances that allow interaction with the fruit through sensors  for distance, luminance, capacitance and flexing, among others, capturing gestures and physical properties of the fruit and transforming them to create and alter digital sounds using hardware such as Arduino and Wiring, and software such as Pure Data (programming), Ableton Live and Reason (musical). With this, La Pulpa produces beats and electronic sound alterations with folklore to unleash the dance.


Ícaro López de Mesa Moyano

Lead vocals / Minor percusion

Daniel Becerra Mateus

Guitar / Synthesizer / Sequences

Nicolás Cuervo Rincón

Drums / MIDI controler / Alegre drum / Backup vocals


Nicolás Cuervo (Director)



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