Ensamble Sinsonte

The Ensamble Sinsonte is a lab created with the intention of experimenting with the music of the Colombo – Venezuelan plains. The band was born in March 2001 and has gained acceptance from the audience earning great comments. The proposal focuses on musical expressions derived from urban streams, seeking to fuse with the popular academic trends. The repertoire includes compositions of its members, adaptations of similar groups and sound arrangements based on characteristics of different areas of Colombia, Venezuela, and why not? Of the world.

Since 2002, the Ensamble Sinsonte has received recognition for its permanent activity and wide trajectory. It has been invited in different events like Monday of the Young Interpreters and Musicians from  Colombia and the World (Room of Concerts of the Library Luis Ángel Arango of the Bank of the Republic), Festivals “al parque” (at the park), Groups of Chamber music and Festival of Music and Dances of the World (called by entities of the District), BAT exhibition , International Festival of Classical music of Cartagena, International Tournament of the Joropo (in Villavicencio), “Sonidos de vida” (Sounds of life) in Medellin, II Hay Festival in Cartagena, Mono Núñez Festival, XVII Festivalito Ruitoqueño, Big National Concert, XIV International Art Festival of Cali, Expo Shanghai 2010, Celebration concert of the 70th anniversary of the National radio of Colombia, Skandia Cycle of concerts, National library, Theater of Fine arts, Christmas Concert of the State Department of Colombia, Big concert of the Bicentenary of the Colombian Independence (in Ottawa), XXXXVIII International Carvantino Festival (in Mexico), Festival of local customs and manners in the Peñalolen municipality (in Chile), among others.


Luis Felipe Aljure Vargas


Juan Miguel Sossa Ropain

Guitar and bandola llanera

Daniel Ivan Sossa Aljure

Electric bass

Juan Carlos Contreras Cuéllar

Cuatro Llanero

Jerson Javier Rivera Zumaqué

Soprano Sax


Luis Felipe Aljure Vargas (Manager)




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+57 3003076934

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