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Created in September 2002, the M4NOLOV Quartet has been established in recent years as one of the most representative of Colombia Chamber groups.

Bogotá-based Quartet performs music of different styles and historical periods. Performances usually combine the 'cult' repertoire with their own versions of classic tracks from the rock or the Colombian folklore. This interest in different types of musical expression has led them to collaborate with artists and groups such as Kraken, Cabas, Ensamble Sinsonte, the German jazz trio Out of Print, Francisco Zumaque, guitarist Ricardo Cobo and flutists Gabriel Ahumada and Michel Bellavance. Their latest project Aires de mi tierra, featuring percussionists Diana Melo and Rodney Theran, collects outstanding songs of Colombian music.

Frequently makes presentations at the best auditoriums in Bogotá. Invited by the Central Bank, has made concert tours in different cities of Colombia. Has participated in festivals such as the Festival of Classical Music and Literature in Calima-Darien (Valle), the XIV International Art Festival in Cali, the IV International Festival of Contemporary Classical Music in Lima (Peru) - invited by the Spanish Embassy in Peru and supported by the Universidad Javeriana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia-, the First International Music Festival of Bogota - organised by the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo and the Mayor of Bogota-, 43rd  Religious Music Festival of Popayán, the first International Quartet Festival - organized by the Bank of the Republic, and the IX International Festival of Contemporary Music in Bogota.

Also include performances at the Feria de las Flores in the city of Medellin, in the seasons of Chamber music organised by the Universidad Nacional de Manizales, in the strip of concerts “Miércoles musicales” the Fundación para la Música Angélica Gámez and the special invitation at the Universitat der Kunste in Berlin (Germany) and the Embassy of Colombia to participate in the Symposium impressions Sonoras/Komposition und kulturelle Identität in Lateinamerika, where they gave two concerts: the first with a contemporary repertoire of Latin American composers and the second, with traditional Colombian music and jazz in the company of the German trio Out of Print. 

The M4NOLOV Quartet has had as a goal spread contemporary music in Colombia. Always in close collaboration with composers, has premiered and performed numerous quartets by Colombian composers, which included regularly in performances. In response to this it has performed quartets by Colombian composers Blas Emilio Atehortua and Juan Antonio Cuellar in the series of monographic concerts organized annually by the room of concerts of the Luis Angel Arango library in Bogota.

In 2008 M4nolov participated in a concert held in the Concert Hall of the Luis Angel Arango library as a tribute to American composer Steven Stucky, who premiered in Colombia his Quartet Nell 'ombra nella luce.

Among his recordings are XXX with the Quartet No 1 of the Colombian composer Juan Pablo Carreño; Compositores Javerianos IV (2009) with works of the Colombian Juan Antonio Cuellar, Diego Vega, Carolina Noguera and the Spanish José Ignacio Hernández; Dissimilar (2009) with the Colombian String Quartet Damián Ponce de Leon and Remember November in December (2013) next to the German jazz of Out of Print.

M4NOLOV complements its work by performing didactic concerts created to promote the formation of new audiences, generate a knowledge of the tradition of the String Quartet and bring the audience to the universal classical repertoire. Since 2003, when it occupied first place in the competition of chamber ensembles of the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra for proposals of didactic concerts, the Quartet has made more than 100 presentations of their innovative didactic shows Mozart despierta en Bogotá and El genio sordo, with the participation of the actors Juan Manuel Combariza and Marta Guerrero. 


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