Band created in the year 2011 and directed by Juan Carlos Puello, percussionist from Cartagena experienced in Afro-Colombian folklore. He has more than 20 years of musical experience and has participated in several prominent groups such as Toto la Momposina, Petrona Martínez, María Mulata, Sidessteper, Ale Kuma, Sergeant García, Ondatrópica, among others.

Chongo of Colombia is the result of a great process of investigation of the Afro-Colombian rhythms and roots, as well as meeting with other musicians from rock, jazz, salsa and raizal world music. The band is currently known as an innovative contemporary Afro-Colombian music proposal from the city of Bogota. It is a project of new Colombian sounds focused on percussion that highlights the musical expression of African descents. The musical format includes instruments from Afro-Colombian and afromandingue tradition with others of diverse backgrounds: djembe, balafon, dumdums, cheerful, bagpipes, congas, drums, bass, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and voices that enrich a wide repertoire of original songs by the band. 

During three years of work, the group has focused on presenting his proposal in several scenarios of Bogotá, parallel to the process of creating and recording new songs. Since 2012 they have performed in festivals and theaters of the city of Bogota as Quiebracanto, A Seis Manos, Casa de Citas, Latino Power, Matik-Matik, Bellagio, Sókalo, Holofónica Studios and private events. The band is increasingly positioning in the scene of the new Colombian music, becoming the winners of the first place in the call for the Festival Colombia al Parque, carried out by IDARTES in April 2014. The band is currently recording her first album.

Juan Carlos, as composer and bandleader of Chongo de Colombia, is responsible for making the traditional music and African music alive. He has participated as a musical Ambassador of Colombia in different countries as Chile, thanks to the  Gaviota de Plata 2007 award (Festival Viña del Mar), France in 2014 (Festival d' île de France), Australia, New Zealand in 2011 (Womad Festival), Japan in 2012, South Africa in 2007 and 2012 (Moshito Music Conference).

In Colombia he won the third place - freestyle modality in the 2006 edition of the Festival Petronio Alvarez and participated in several municipal festivals such as Festival Mono Núñez, Festival de Gaitas in Ovejas, Sucre, Festival de Morroa, Festival national del Bullerenge Puerto Escondido in Córdoba, , Festival de Gaitas de San Jacinto in Bolivar, among others.

Additionally he has made several tours with research emphasis in areas such as the Palenques bullerengueros (Turbo, Arboletes and Necoclí) in the Department of Antioquia; Puerto Escondido, in the Department of Córdoba, to study the traditional songs; and research in the area of the tambora for the South of Bolivar, Magdalena (San Martín de Lobá).  


Juan Carlos Puello

Percussion and vocals

Andrés ‘Dr. Keyta’ Mercado Luna

Percussion and backup vocals

Edgardo Garcés

Backup vocals and minor percussion

Teto Campo

Electric guitar

Carlos Rengifo

Electric bass

Jorge Emilio Pardo


Daniel Bahamón


Franklin Tejedor

Alegre drum


Juan Carlos Puello (Director)



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