Beso de Negra

Black Kiss is a project of afro Colombian traditional music, born in 2008, dedicated to the research, interpretation, and dissemination of "Bailes cantaos” (chanted dances) from the Colombian North Coast such as the bullerengue, the chalupa, the fandango de lengua and the tambora rhythms. This project emerges by initiative of Ivonne Orejuela, afro Colombian performer of danced chants who carries the legacy of traditional music inherited from her family.The interpretation of these rhythms is performed in traditional format using specific instruments from the region such as the “alegre” (female drum), the “llamador” (male drum) and the “tambora”. Minor percussion elements are used such as the “totumas”, “maracones” and “tablas”.

In this complex of rhythms called "Bailes cantaos" is essential the presence of the cantaor or cantaora (singer), whose performing ability leads him/her to improvise and give life to verses that speak of the daily life of the planting, love, family, among other topics. It’s also the fundamental support of the choir who respond to the proclamation of the cantaor or cantaora. It is in this sense that they are also recognized as “cantos responsoriales” (answering chants), where there will always be a response to the person who preaches. It is said that these cantos responsoriales are of African origin and were brought by the slaves to America in colonial times.

The "Bailes cantaos" are typical of the Colombian North Coast, however Beso de Negra is formed by its singer, teacher and director, and musicians and researchers both from the North Coast and from the interior of the country, all this thanks to the fact that in recent years young locals have developed special interest in these traditional rhythms.

Through their performance, which takes approximately one hour, the project Beso de Negra interprets different rhythms accompanied with dance born from the communication between the movement of the dancer and the drum, which are main elements within this type of expressions. The goal is to announce and to spread these practices, as a sample of the different rhythms of the musical tradition of the north coast of Colombia, especially regions such as Magdalena, Bolivar, Sucre and the Urabá antioqueño, showing the cultural wealth of our country.


Ivonne Orejuela

Vocals /Dancer

Inti Yuray Gómez

Vocals / Backing Vocals

Francia Rocha

Backing vocals / Dancer

Javier Beltrán

Backing Vocals / Macho (Drum).

Danny Corredor

Vocals / Backing vocals / Dancer

Héctor Parra

Backing vocals / Alegre (Drum).

Zayda Orejuela

Backing vocals / Dancer

Javier Acosta

Backing vocals / Dancer


Ivonne Johanna Orejuela (Director)


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